Tascam Model 12 Multitrack Recording

The Tascam Model 12 is a great digital multitrack recorder and mixer.

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Tascam Model 12 Tutorials

Tascam Model 12 Multitrack Recording Pt. 1

The first part of a two part series on using the Model 12 as a digital multitrack recorder. I record drum machine, bass, and guitar, as well as go over basic functions for recording and playback.

Tascam Model 12 Multitrack Recording Pt. 2

The second part of a two part series on using the Model 12 as a digital multitrack recorder. I record vocals and a guitar solo, and create a final mix with the onboard effects.

Tascam Model 12 Headphones

I've been utilizing the sub output with a headphone amp for headphones. I go over why this is the best solution for using headphones when multitracking.

Mixing a Song on the Model 12

This video is a simple mix tutorial of a song with 8 tracks. I walk through the recording and mix decisions made throughout the mixing process.

Tascam Model 12 Review

Tascam Model 12 as a Home Studio Hub

I've been surprised by how much I've been using the Model 12 outside of multitrack recording. It's become an important part of my home studio. I give an overview of the different ways I've been putting it to use.

A Note for 4-track Users

The more I've been using the Tascam Model 12, the more I'm realizing it is the Tascam 424 mkiv we've been waiting for.

The only differences I've encountered are the Model 12 doesn't record to cassette and the preamps are upgraded (and each channel has a built in compressor).

Unless there's a specific reason you want to record to cassette, I think you'll find the Model 12 to be a superior alternative to a vintage 4-track.

Due to the rising prices of 4-tracks (and the amount of emails I've been receiving from people getting burned by resellers) I recommend at least giving the Tascam Model 12 a shot.

I feel like recording on the Model 12 is the 4-track experience with none of the headache (though some people would argue the headache is part of the charm.)

Whether you're just starting out, or coming over from 4-track recording, I think you'll feel right at home on a Model 12. Happy recording!

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