424 Recording Online

Thanks for visiting this page. Below are the places I'm active and inactive online if you want to keep in touch, hang out, or have questions.

  • YouTube is the main place and probably how you heard about 424 Recording. I still try to get back to every comment if it's pertinent and I can help, but this has been getting harder to manage. I'm planning to continue to make videos here for the foreseeable future.
  • Patreon I'm on most days, answering messages and responding to comments. I try to post once a week and in 2021, I've been doing an exclusive, behind-the-scenes vlog each month.
  • Discord is a chat server that I'm active on. It's a great place to hang out and interact with the 424 Recording community of musicians and home recording enthusiasts from around the world who have also found the channel.
  • Email Newsletter is something I've been brainstorming monthly or quarterly. I haven't sent any out yet, but I'm thinking April 2021 for the first newsletter. One reason is I like to write. A second reason is any updates, videos, and releases can then all be found and organized in one place. A final reason is you never know how social media platforms will change or disappear, but like diamonds, email is forever.
  • 424 Recording Bandcamp is updated sporadically, whenever there are extra tracks to share. We've also been sharing the Fall Song Challenge compilations the past two years here as free downloads.
  • Be Cool Cowboy Bandcamp is the bandcamp for BCC. I don't like having two bandcamps, as it'd be better to have a central, concise one. But I guess 424 Recording and Be Cool Cowboy are two separate things. This seems like a good lesson for anyone looking to start a channel/bandcamp/social media presence: be consistent with your name/branding and have some foresight into what you want to accomplish.
  • Anchor is where Jason and I host the Analog Thoughts in a Digital World podcast. In 2021, we're talking about our DAWless year of recording. We're releasing one podcast every third Thursday of the month. You can listen to the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts (and you might even be able to leave us voice messages soon!)
  • Instagram I started to find overwhelming. I know a lot of people use it and love it but I haven't logged in in a while. I would like to use Instagram more but it all comes down to that endless, scrolling feed; my brain feels fried just thinking about it.
  • Twitch is parked for now, though I had aspirations of streaming here at one point. It's the same problem as Instagram for me; it's overwhelming. I also don't know if I have what it takes to start streaming regularly again. Too much social media leads to an instant feeling of burn out for me. I'd rather focus on a few platforms where I curate the input and do good work on the output, than run the gamut of everything all of the time. Jack of all trades, master of none, anyone?
  • Facebook has never been a great method for promoting music. It's playing to the wrong crowd. At one point, it also switched to a 'pay to promote' model for posts. I have met and talked with some great people on Facebook and that's been awesome. As a site, though, I've never liked it, and the interface for Pages is confusing and bloated. I won't delete the page and I'll leave it parked for now, but I won't be posting anything there or logging in again.
  • Twitter I remember using in its nascent stage, but overall, I never got into it. I like the concept of 140 character posts, and the fact that Twitter is a more writing focused platform, but I've never felt I needed to use it. Again, I won't delete this and I'll leave it parked for now, but I don't plan on logging in again.