"What If Recording Drums Was Easy?"

Ready, Set, Record: Drums


Module #1 - Ready, Set

Module #2 - Record

Module #3 - Mixing

BONUS Drum Mix Critique

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What people are saying about Ready, Set, Record: Drums:

"With this tutorial, Mike has provided an approach to recording drums that is simple, affordable, and based off of practical experience and years of trial and error. He takes you through the entire process from setup to mixdown and uses gear that is commonly available and inexpensive. I have found Mike’s recording philosophy to be very grounded and geared toward finishing creative ideas and avoiding common pitfalls that lead to frustration and needless tinkering. I highly recommend the course and would recommend checking out his tunes at https://becoolcowboy.bandcamp.com/ to hear the approach in action!" - John P.

"Mike’s course is simple and straightforward, yet brilliant. His friendly teaching style is easy to comprehend and unintimidating. He walks you through many real-world tried-and-true recording techniques, meant to increase productivity, while steering you away from common counterproductive pitfalls many novice recordists encounter. He proves that simple can sound professional." - Matt C.


I’m proud of this course; I think you’re going to love it. I wanted to make a course about recording drums that was logical and straightforward; this is it. I can’t wait to hear what you record with it.

Mike / 424recording.com