How do I record on a Tascam 424 or 414 4-track?

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How do I bounce tracks/transfer audio on a 4-track?

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How do I clean/demag my 4-track?

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Where can I get my 4-track fixed?

US West Coast: California

Where can I get Type II cassette tapes?

I used to get Type II tapes from National Audio Company (we even did a giveaway with their Type IIs when the channel hit 424 subscribers!) but as of 4/2019, it appears that the Studio Master 799s are sold out. I believe NAC are working on a new Type I tape that will work with 4-tracks but will require the machine to be recalibrated. My best guess as to where to buy Type II's at this point would be eBay or similar sites. I recommend C60s if you can find them!

Are there any good books on cassette 4-track recording?

I would say the ultimate (and only?) resource on the topic is Using Your Portable Studio by Peter McIan. You can usually find a copy on Amazon for less than $10 shipped.

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