Ready, Set, Record: Drums

Drums are the foundation of great recordings. Drums are the hardest instrument to record because they are a collection of smaller instruments working together as a unit to form one sound. In this video course, we’ll take a look at the steps and techniques to get you ready and set to record drums!

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The TascFam Preamp

Jay and I successfully funded a Kickstarter in May 2018, to build a run of TascFam Preamps for fans of the channel. I had asked Jay to build me a one-off Tascam 424mkiii preamp in a box so I could get the distorted nature of the 4-track preamps without needing to constantly have my 424 hooked up. We showed it off on the channel and people went nuts! As of July 2018, we are currently building these. For more info, and sounds, check out the Kickstarter page. We’re currently sold out. Email me if you’re interested.

Take Back Your Time and Record Something Awesome

Don’t let the endless accquisition of gear you don’t need ruin your creativity