This is the video that started it all. This is the 1st video I uploaded to the channel. To this day, it remains as one of the most popular. It’s a good example of creating something you want to see in the world; I had always wished there’d been something like this when I started recording on my 4-track.

One of the videos that was most requested in the early days on the channel was one on ping pong recording or bouncing. It’s a way to give yourself an infinite amount of tracks on your 4-track (but quality does get diminished with each successive bounce). I have a lot of fun making these tutorials... this is one of my favorites!

I picked up an RC-30P just to make this video because I noticed a lack of videos on punching with a 4-track. I’m not really a big fan of punching (I like to nail a take without much fanfare in post) but it is an option if you need to redo a specific spot on your recording or add a new part where there is silence on a track. It’s a fun accessory and I throw in some thoughts on the process.

Unfortunately, Tascam 4-tracks are known for their quirks. Luckily, I have a great tech in my area, Jay Andersen of Operation: Audio and Bohemesphere Studio, aka, the Wizard. I thought it’d be fun to take a field trip to Jay’s and have him guest star in a video while fixing my 4-track. Jay’s been an integral part of all things 424 Recording ever since!

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